The Photo Booth Party

How It Works

On Site Photographer

Our professional photographers bring fun, energy and a skilled eye to what a traditional photo booth leaves to chance. We’ll get dear Aunt Martha dancing or the shyest little ones smiling with our personable photographers. Having our photographers take the pictures also means that not only do we capture the smiles, but we get the funny/sweet/intimate/crazy moments in between the posed pictures. With no buttons to push or levers to pull, you can focus on what’s important...looking great and having fun!

Custom Everything

Want to look like your guests are frolicking in a lush jungle? We’ll make it happen! Want a simple, classic photo booth that utilizes the natural beauty of your space? That’s our specialty. We not only create a custom backdrop, we design custom environments. Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, we’ll work with you to ensure that your photos reflect your event...down to the (optional) message, logo, brand or sponsor on your photos!

Open Air “Booth”

The Photo Booth Party turns the traditional photo booth inside out...that means that instead of sitting in a tiny booth pressing a button (which can also be fun!), we take that spontaneous, exciting aspect of photography and bring it to you on a larger and more custom scale. Bottom line: The Photo Booth Party can be anything you want it to be. Do you only have a small corner of a room available? We can customize the photo area to best utilize that space. Are you throwing a fun holiday party for a large business? We can make the photo area so big that it’ll fit an entire department!

The Pictures!

With so many options, we’re sure to customize the perfect package to suit your needs. Go simple and easy with an online, gallery, free with every photo booth setup. Want to give the accounting department a fun gift? Add on-site printing and everyone will go home with a pile of high quality 4x6 prints to remember the evening. For those who crave immediate satisfaction, all events include our social media package where guests can add their email addresses on our iPad contact form and will immediately receive a link to the pictures to share via facebook, twitter and more. Just like that, instant sharing or marketing for your event or brand!

The Cost

Just as all events differ in size, scale and cost, so does the price tag on your Photo Booth Party. We pride ourselves on treating each event uniquely and so each Photo Booth Party has it’s own price tag. Pricing starts at $1,900 and varies depending on the size, location and level of customization. We are completely transparent about budgets and work with our clients to create the most with whatever budget you are working with. Drop us a line with the date, location and any other details you’d like to share, and we’ll send you an estimate ASAP.

Want to know more?

We can’t wait to hear from you. Fill out the form on our contact page and tell us as much as you like about your event. There’s lots of fun to be had in the planning!